Winter Wonderland

This past week has been very, very cold. You’d think, being Scottish, I’d be used to chilly temperatures, but to be honest we don’t normally get properly cold weather until January. November tends to be a bit wet and windy, but so far we have been experiencing clear blue skies and frosty mornings. While this has made the commute to and from work a bit nippy, there has been one upside – beautiful skies.

I’m not a morning person. A little bit of my soul dies every time my alarm goes off at 6am. There’s nothing pleasant about getting up in the dark, but last week the early mornings were made more bearable by the gorgeous sunrises I stepped out to. The skies have been awash with fiery reds and oranges. One morning in particular the sky looked as if it were on fire. Unfortunately I had to rely on my phone camera to capture a picture which doesn’t really do it justice.


There have been some lovely sunsets this past week too. Looking up from my desk at 4pm, I have watched wistfully as the sky turned from dusky pink to lilac before night took over. Three nights in a row the world was bathed in an ethereal light that made me wish I was out on a beach capturing the moment with my camera. I did try with my phone but alas the picture doesn’t reflect the many pink hues that were visible to the naked eye.


Winter is my least favourite season. I loathe being cold, but there is something about a clear winter day. Seeing the ground coated in a layer of white frost, sparkling in the sunshine, made me smile. Nature has a way of making you feel calmer and happier, even in the bleakest of moments. The spectacular skies of the past week have certainly helped me combat the stresses of my daily commute. It just proves that even when it’s freezing outside there is still beauty to be found in the world.