Book Review: Lord of Shadows

Cassandra Clare is one of my favourite authors. Her books are always compelling with vivid characters and settings. I was therefore extremely excited for the publication of her second book in The Dark Artifices series, Lord of Shadows, which was back in May.

One of the great things about Cassandra Clare’s writing is the universe she has created. I love how each series is connected although they are all set in different time periods. Lord of Shadows opens with Jace and Clary, of The Mortal Instruments fame, visiting the Los Angeles institute. It is little cameos like this that make these books so special and it was great to see what Jace and Clary are up to now. They are not the only characters from other series to make a cameo – Alec and Magnus also appear.

The core characters of Lord of Shadows are, of course, the Blackthorns – Julien and his brothers and sisters. An adopted member of the family, Emma Carstairs, is our heroine and along with Julien they are trying to figure out how to keep the family together and how to navigate their complicated feelings for one another. Julien and Emma are parabatai, and falling in love is forbidden. As we saw in Lady Midnight, the two have developed feelings for each other and much of the book is devoted to their struggle with these emotions. Continue reading “Book Review: Lord of Shadows”


Cassandra Clare Fan Event 16/04/16

Last Saturday I had one of the most brilliant experiences of my life. I found myself at Leicester Square Theatre in London, one of hundreds of excited Cassandra Clare fans there to hear her talk about her newest book, Lady Midnight. As you might know if you have followed my blog for a while, I have loved Cassandra Clare’s books since the moment I discovered them. From The Mortal Instruments to The Infernal Devices and now The Dark Artifices, her rich world of Shadowhunters, vampires, werewolves and fairies has enchanted me for the past few years. When I discovered that Cassie was touring the UK for Lady Midnight, I was determined to get tickets to the London event.

I’ve attended book events in the past, but there is something about going to a fan event that gives it this whole other level of awesomeness. Maybe it was because I am part of the fandom and so I got swept up in the excitement radiating off everyone else. Whatever the reason, I can categorically say that this was the best book event I have ever been to.

First of, there were so many fans, and all of us had dressed in black as a nod to the Shadowhunter gear. There is something so wonderful about fandom. It brings people of all ages and backgrounds together. I was worried I would be one of the oldest there, but there were parents attending with teenage daughters and loads of twenty-somethings, all of us eager to meet one of the best voices in YA. Continue reading “Cassandra Clare Fan Event 16/04/16”

Book Review: Lady Midnight

ladymidnightDon’t you just love that feeling of anticipation when one of your favourite authors releases a new book? You can’t wait to get your hands on it and spend the time imagining what twists and turns will befall the characters, driving yourself mad with the need to know what happens right this instant!

Well, that was pretty much my state in the run up to the publication of Cassandra Clare’s Lady Midnight. Those of you who have been following my blog for some time might have seen my reviews of Cassie’s other two series, The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices. Lady Midnight is a new series set within the same universe as the previous books. This time the action takes place in Los Angeles, five years after the Dark War which featured in the final Mortal Instruments book, City of Heavenly Fire.

Lady Midnight centers around Emma Carstairs, her parabatai, Julian Blackthorn and his family. We were first introduced to them briefly in City of Heavenly Fire where we witnessed the attack on the Los Angeles Institute which claimed the life of Julian’s father. Five years later and the events of the Dark War are still very much felt by the Shadowhunter community. Julian has had to raise his brothers and sisters by himself and as a result he carries a heavy burden on his shoulders. Emma, meanwhile, still burns with the need to avenge the murder of her parents. The Clave passed their deaths off as the work of Sebastian Morgenstern, but Emma has never believed that and she won’t rest until she uncovers the truth. Continue reading “Book Review: Lady Midnight”