2017: A Year in Pictures

Well it’s less than 2 hours until midnight and here I am living it up, looking through all the photos I took over the past 12 months. There’s something about New Year that always brings out the sentimental side of me and so I thought, for my final blog post of 2017, I would post my favourite picture from each month of the year to show myself that while a lot of rubbish things happened in 2017, it wasn’t all bad.


In January we celebrated three years as a couple with a mini break to Glasgow. For once the Scottish weather was on our side and although it was cold it was sunny and the city looked lovely. Continue reading “2017: A Year in Pictures”


2017: A Year in Review

Christmas is over and New Year is right around the corner. Am I alone in feeling like 2017 has whizzed by? It honestly seems like Christmas 2016 was only a few weeks ago.

To be honest, I always find the period between Christmas and New Year to be a bit odd. Maybe it’s because half the shops are still closed and many people are off work, but it feels like real life is on pause. Don’t get me wrong – I am so happy to be on holiday for two weeks. Not having to get up at stupid o’clock and being able to sit and watch Netflix and read all day is bliss. I do find, however, that I tend to get a bit down after Christmas. Maybe that’s why we all tend to get reflective at this time of the year.

2017 was not a good year, however, much as I’d like to, I can’t say it was the worst year of my life. It was a very topsy-turvy year, one that brought lots of significant events that have changed my life in big and small ways. There has been a lot of sadness, grief and frustration. On the other hand, 2017 was the year I ticked off one major thing from my bucket list – going abroad for the first time. Continue reading “2017: A Year in Review”

New Year, New Goals


Happy New Year everyone!

I was lucky enough to spend New Year with my loved ones, relaxing with good food and a couple of glasses of prosecco. However you saw in 2017, I hope you had a wonderful time and wish you all the best for the coming year.

At this time of year it is customary to make resolutions and to set goals for the twelve months ahead. Since starting this blog I have made a point of picking things to achieve each year. In theory this gives me something to use as the basis of a blog post. I’ve found, however, that setting year-long goals is not always helpful. So this year I have decided instead to create a wish list of things I hope to do in 2017.

The idea behind the wish list is to give myself less pressure. I have found that when I set goals I put myself under a lot of stress when I inevitably don’t achieve them. With so much happening in the last few months I have realised that life is too short and instead of striving for things beyond my reach I should make the most of what I have.

This doesn’t mean that there are not things I am hoping to achieve in 2017. My wish list is a summary of what I hope will happen in the next twelve months. These are not goals so much as markers to try to live by. Hopefully they will prove less stressful and more achievable than the aims I have had in previous years.

2017 Wish List

  • I want to rediscover my enjoyment of books and reading. Somehow I lost touch with the book world a little in 2016. I was not aware of new books and I struggled to find a novel that I wanted to read. In 2017 I want to capture the enthusiasm I used to have for books and reading. I hope to read more often and to actively seek out new releases.
  • I want to take more photos. I already take lots of photos – just ask my partner! In 2017, however, I want to take even more. They are memories, a snapshot of a moment in time and they will be all that is left to tell our stories one day. There is no better feeling than looking through an old photo album and remembering where and when certain pictures were taken. I also want to try to improve my photography. Right now I am mediocre at best, but I hope to be able to take a reasonably good photograph by the end of the year.
  • I want to do the things I want to do. That might sound a bit silly and maybe even a little selfish but for most of my live I have held off doing some things through fear of the unknown. When I first graduated I longed to move to London and eventually New York but fear of how to find a place to live/a job/money put me off and so I stayed in East Lothian. The last few weeks have shown me that life is too short and precious to waste. I already have too many regrets. I don’t want to add to them.
  • I want to stop worrying about getting older. This year I turn 30. For so long I have been dreading it, but today, for the first time, I felt almost excited about the prospect. Yes, leaving my 20s behind will be scary but it is a chance for a new chapter in my life. So much is going to change this year. I have to learn to accept that change and try to make the best of my life.
  • I want to travel. This is kind of tied into the above wish. For years now I have been saying I would like to go abroad. I even got a passport in 2015 with the intention of taking a winter sun holiday. Due to finances this never took place. In 2017, however, I want to make sure that I finally tick this off my bucket list. The world is full of amazing places and I think it’s about time I start seeing some of them.
  • I want to cherish my loved ones. If 2016 has taught me anything it is that life can change in a heartbeat. It is easy to take the people around us for granted but we never know when our time with them is up. I want to strive to spend time with everyone who matters to me, to make memories with them and to tell them I love them more often.

That’s my wish list for 2017. Do you have any resolutions or goals for the new year? Whatever they are I wish you luck in fulfilling them and can’t wait to read about your progress with them.