2017: A Year in Pictures

Well it’s less than 2 hours until midnight and here I am living it up, looking through all the photos I took over the past 12 months. There’s something about New Year that always brings out the sentimental side of me and so I thought, for my final blog post of 2017, I would post my favourite picture from each month of the year to show myself that while a lot of rubbish things happened in 2017, it wasn’t all bad.


In January we celebrated three years as a couple with a mini break to Glasgow. For once the Scottish weather was on our side and although it was cold it was sunny and the city looked lovely.


This one was taken on Valentine’s Day when we went for a walk at sunset at Aberlady Bay Nature Reserve. I just liked the way it turned out. It makes me feel like the path can lead to anywhere you want it to lead.


March was all about our trip to London. One of the best things about that holiday was finally getting to see Tower Bridge.


A rare photo of me that I like! This was taken in Stirlingshire. It was a lovely spring day and I was feeling like a teenager again with the blue streaks in my hair (if you look closely enough you’ll just be able to make them out).


May was the only month this year we had anything like summer weather. This was taken on the one day I sat outside to have my lunch.


June’s highlight has to be the penguin chicks at Edinburgh Zoo.


A trip to YALC has been an ambition of mine for several years and I finally ticked it off the bucket list in 2017. I think my smile conveys just how ecstatic I was to be there.


Another from Aberlady Bay, this time in August when we happened to park up just as the sun was setting and got this dramatic shot.


In September we visited Friends Fest, which was so much fun. I love this picture and every time I look at it I remember what a great day this was.


My highlight of 2017 was, without a doubt, our holiday to Copenhagen. Nyhavn encapsulates how beautiful and colourful the city is.


Bonfire Night saw us drawing in the air with sparklers. I was quite proud of how my love heart turned out.


December is, of course, all about Christmas and this year the Christmas tree had a special bauble all the way from Denmark. My partner keeps teasing me about this bauble but when I see it, I remember how much fun we had, and that, in the end, is what is important. No matter what has happened in 2017, I do have some wonderful memories to take away.

Happy New Year to you all when it comes. I hope 2018 has lots of adventures in store for you and I hope all you achieve everything you set out to achieve.