Reasons I Love Autumn

Happy September everyone!

Can you believe how quickly this year is speeding by? Tomorrow is the start of Freshers’ Week but it only feels like the students broke up for the summer last week. My elders were forever saying to me when I was a child that the years fly by the older you get, and I now totally understand what they meant. It is less than 7 weeks until I turn 30! How did that even happen?

Anyway, I digress. September may mean back to school and university, but it also means that autumn is upon us. And it just so happens that autumn is my favourite season. Yes, I like summer. I like the long days and getting up in the daylight and being able to eat out till 9.30pm and going to the beach and eating ice cream, but…well, I haven’t actually been able to do any of those things this year. Summer has well and truly bypassed Scotland. And even if I had done all those things, they just don’t compare to all the great things autumn signifies.

Like what, I hear you ask? Well, here are my reasons why I think autumn is the best.

Beautiful Colours

I simply love, love, love how colourful autumn is. All the golds, amber, reds, yellows, browns…everywhere you look there is colour. As a lover of all things pretty and photographic, I can’t help but sigh over autumn scenery. Once the leaves turn it is like the world is gifting photographers with a ready-made canvas. Nothing can rival an autumn forest with a blue sky and fluffy clouds. Whenever I look back at our photos from Aberfeldy in October 2015, I am struck again by how breath-taking autumn is. Autumn is basically nature showing off, a bit like the male peacock when he fans out his tail feathers.

Cozy Clothing

While I love to wear dresses, I always feel self-conscious baring my legs. Autumn allows me to wear tights without feeling like an idiot. It is also cool enough to warrant digging out your woolly jumpers again. Is there anything more cute and comfortable than a slightly oversized jumper? Boots are another great autumn accessory. Not only do they keep your feet warm and dry and allow you to wear socks (with patterns, because no one will see them) but they also look good. What’s not to love?


No, Halloween is not for kids. In fact, as I’ve grown older I have come to appreciate it more. Halloween is my Christmas nowadays. It is my second favourite day of the year. I just love everything about it – the excuse to dress up, to indulge in fantasy and fairy tale, the pumpkins and toffee-flavoured sweets and fruits. Also, the Halloween episode of Strictly is my favourite every year. Speaking of which…

Good TV

As the nights draw in people across the nation find themselves more inclined to curl up on the sofa. TV execs are a crafty bunch and they have noticed this trend. They therefore save all their good TV for the autumn months. After a summer of boring repeats, finally we have new things to look forward to. Strictly Come Dancing is my personal favourite, but this year we also have season 2 of Victoria, Gogglebox and new episodes of all the American shows (not that I am currently watching any but it used to be great back in the days when The Vampire Diaries and Once Upon A Time were good. RIP TVD). Of course we also have The X Factor, if that’s your kind of thing. In short, autumn telly has something for everyone.


Okay, so this is a totally selfish reason, but the main reason I love autumn is because it is my birthday season. My birthday is my favourite day of the year and I don’t care if you’re not supposed to admit to that. Maybe it’s only child syndrome, but I love presents and being able to eat cake and crisps and sweets all day. Autumn is a busy time for birthdays, actually. My dad’s birthday is also in October and he will be turning 80 this year. When I was younger all my friends had their birthdays in September and October. I’ve lost contact with them, but some of my online friends have September birthdays and there are October birthdays in my partner’s family. Basically autumn is birthday season. Yay!

Hot Chocolate

Technically you can drink hot chocolate at any time of the year, but usually it’s too hot in spring and summer to want to drink it. Autumn, however, is just the right temperature for a nice hot chocolate-y indulgence in a mug. Topped with cream or flavoured with orange and it’s even better.

As well as the above reasons, I am particularly excited for autumn this year because some big things are happening in my life. I already mentioned the dreaded 3-0, but this is being made infinitely less awful by the fact that we are going on holiday! For the first time in my life I will be going abroad. My partner and I are off to Copenhagen for three nights and I cannot wait. Before that we have a trip to London in mid-September which includes Friends Fest and Phantom of the Opera. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some good weather because I want to go on as many woodland walks as possible in order to capture as many pretty leaf pictures as possible. Finally, I have a week off work at the end of October and I plan to spend most of it curled up with a book.

Whatever your feelings on autumn, I hope you all have lots of great things to look forward to in the next few months. Here’s to colorful leaves, cozy clothing and new adventures!