Dalkeith Country Park

Last Saturday was the one and only day of Scottish summer (well, unless the forecast is right and next week is nice and sunny and warm, but I’m not about to hold my breath as I have the week off work so it’s bound to chuck down with rain). Considering I spend 98% of my days stuck in an office, I was not going to miss the chance to be out in the sun, so off we set for Dalkeith Country Park.

Dalkeith Country Park is so ridiculously easy to get to I have no idea why we have never visited until now. Seriously, it took us maybe 25 minutes tops to drive there. Little did we realise until we were pulling onto the A720 that the Dalkeith Show was on last Saturday so it was crazy busy. Getting parked was a bit of challenge and we may have had a small domestic, but it was worth all the stress in the long run.

The main house is not open to visitors, but it sits atop a hill, looking down on the massive lawn and everything going on in the main area of the Park. It was an impressive view and I don’t really think our pictures do it justice. Incidentally, we both agreed that the lawn would make the ideal place of a picnic. There were quite a few families dotted about, just soaking up the sun and the stunning view of the Montague Bridge.

If you didn’t know already, I love bridges. Don’t ask me why; there’s just something about them that appeals to me. Needless to say I was all about snapping ten thousands pictures of Montague Bridge. Luckily, my other half is a bit arty when it comes to photography and he managed to snap some really great pictures which captures the stonework. The view from underneath the bridge, looking down the river was worth the trip to Dalkeith Country Park alone.

Following the path along the river, we encountered a mini waterfall which we stopped to gaze at. There is something about the sound of rushing water which I find soothing. Maybe I was a river creature in a previous life. Further along there was a little collection of stones which we rested on, leading to a Little Mermaid-esque moment (picture below).

Many of the pathways runs parallel to the river and the deeper we went into the woods, the more quiet and peaceful it was. For much of our ramble we didn’t encounter anyone else. It felt as if we were the only people there which was quite nice actually. After a hectic few weeks at work it was just what I needed to de-stress.

We didn’t venture into the Show itself, but it looked interesting. There were many different stalls selling food and drink, as well as Clydesdale horses, cattle, trucks and vintage cars. Over by the car park there was a horse show going on, so we stopped to coo over the horses and ponies (well, okay, I cooed, my boyfriend just rolled his eyes). To round the day off we had ice cream in the sun. It was the perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday in Scotland.

Dalkeith Country Park was great. There is something for people of all ages, including a children’s play park and a cafe and restaurant. If you enjoy walking in the countryside, then I would recommend a trip to the Park. Our feet were sore at the end of our hike, but it was worth it for the peacefulness and picturesque scenery. We will certainly return on the next day of Scottish summer, whenever that may be.


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